Refog Personal Monitor

Remotely control your children's Internet activity


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If you're worried about what your kids are doing online, REFOG Personal Monitor may be a good solution for you.

With this application, you can do anything from monitor children's chatroom correspondence to oversee employees productivity. The way that you make use of the program ultimately depends on your individual focus and needs.

This tool is certainly family-friendly. REFOG Personal Monitor allows you to remotely control your children's Internet-based activity, so you don't need to be physically looking over their shoulder to tell them what they shouldn't be doing.

REFOG Personal Monitor is very easy to install, even for someone with little computer experience. Just install it onto your machine, and you'll be ready to get started with the program's simple, intuitive interface.

The program is invisible to users, while facilitating remote access and reports for the program owner, allowing him or her more options to supervise children or employee Internet activity in real time.

Users of REFOG Personal Monitor are additionally able to configure the program to send an email or FTP alert after detecting phrases containing 'alarming' words used by a predetermined user or group of users.

3-day trial.

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